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8.1 RTCRtpUnhandled Title

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A clarification on Capabilities, Parameters, createParameters, and filterParameters.

A proposal for solving non-muxed RTCP *and* ICE freezing


DTMF Acronym

Exchange of "settings" versus exchange of "capabilities"/"preferences"

Hangout URL for Today's CG Meeting

I think we need a way to configure the RTCP SSRC.

ice restart ?

Issue #75: Error Handling

Issue #92: readonly attributes

Issue 76: Some NITs

Issue 80: filterParameters

Issue 81: Separating audio and video capabilities

Issue 82: getStats interface

Issue 84: Capabilities and Settings

Issue 85: Updated stats

Manage RTP and RTCP transports

onerror eventhandler not added to RTCRtpSender/Receiver

ORTC CG Meeting Today at 10am PDT

ORTC logo - donated by Hookflash

Overview section discussion

Proposal-ORTC Sender / Receiver Capabilities Based Model

RTCRtpCapabilities "features" ?

senders vs receivers codec selection

Some questions about RTCRtpEncodingParameters...

unicasting identically encoded information to multiple receivers

Use case - alice multiway video sending using SVC and changing codecs

WebIDL Interface Definition for RTCDtmfSender

WebIDL Types Discussion

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