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A step towards an ERB Léonie Watson (Thursday, 25 June)

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Fwd: W3C Website redesign: Short user surveys regarding finding content Léonie Watson (Tuesday, 23 June)

Agenda for the ID CG meeting Léonie Watson (Tuesday, 16 June)

SMPTE statement in support of BLM Léonie Watson (Tuesday, 16 June)

modernising terminology Charles 'chaals' (McCathie) Nevile (Tuesday, 16 June)

ID CG meeting Léonie Watson (Friday, 12 June)

Collecting ID CG ideas Léonie Watson (Friday, 12 June)

Diversity and Inclusion at W3C: blog post by Jeff Jaffe Léonie Watson (Thursday, 11 June)

IDCG ideas for consideration for building an action plan Judy Brewer (Thursday, 11 June)

Choosing a time for the ID CG meeting Léonie Watson (Wednesday, 10 June)

Fwd: Leading the web in a time of crisis Léonie Watson (Saturday, 6 June)

W3C action/response to the BLM Movement Reid, Wendy (Thursday, 4 June)

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