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Agenda basis for next week's call John Boyer (Wednesday, 30 April)

Proposal: Fix for definition of valid John Boyer (Wednesday, 30 April)

Draft minutes for 2008-04-30 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 30 April)

Error use of origin attribute in Appendix B.4 John Boyer (Wednesday, 30 April)

TELECON AGENDA - 30 APR 2008 John Boyer (Tuesday, 29 April)

Likely regrets for May 7 conference Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 29 April)

Next f2f in Amsterdam? Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 29 April)

Validity and required-ness and XForms 1.1 Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 29 April)

Initial telecon for the Rich Web Application Backplane XG Charles F Wiecha (Monday, 28 April)

Regrets this week Steven Pemberton (Monday, 28 April)

The form tag John Boyer (Saturday, 26 April)

Renaming target attribute of submission John Boyer (Friday, 25 April)

AOL India asking for people who know XForms... Steven Pemberton (Friday, 25 April)

5 action items done; XForms 1.1 editor draft updated John Boyer (Friday, 25 April)

Possible regrets for 2009-04-30 (Thursday, 24 April)

Question related to action item "Nick to propose note to for to explain rationale for bind causing dependencies on node-test and predicate conditions." (Thursday, 24 April)

Draft minutes for 2008-04-23 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 23 April)

Regrets Rafael Benito (Wednesday, 23 April)

regrets Joern Turner (Wednesday, 23 April)

Updated list of action items 2008-04-21 (Wednesday, 23 April)

TELECON AGENDA 23 APR 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 23 April)

Overriding changes made to public home page John Boyer (Tuesday, 22 April)

Small error in "11.4 The xforms-submit-done Event" Erik Bruchez (Saturday, 19 April)

Draft Minutes for 2008-04-16 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Thursday, 17 April)

Simple question about dependency algorithm (Thursday, 17 April)

First cut at the message module Mark Birbeck (Wednesday, 16 April)

TELECON AGENDA: 16 APR 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 16 April)

New Task Force Member John Boyer (Wednesday, 16 April)

Regrets Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Tuesday, 15 April)

XForms 1.2 Design Principles, Forms Architecture John Boyer (Friday, 11 April)

belated regrets Joern Turner (Wednesday, 9 April)

Re: XML Base 2e (Wednesday, 9 April)

Updated list of action items 2007-04-02 (Wednesday, 9 April)

Regrets Rafael Benito (Wednesday, 9 April)

TELECON AGENDA: 9 APR 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 9 April)

Continuation of XForms Streamlined for Web Authors John Boyer (Wednesday, 9 April)

Action items done John Boyer (Wednesday, 9 April)

Unfortunate choice of attribute name in XForms 1.1: xforms:submission/@target Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 8 April)

Forms Task Force members (roll call and call to action), Fw: Architectural Consistency - What does it mean? John Boyer (Thursday, 3 April)

OpenMRS uses XForms Steven Pemberton (Thursday, 3 April)

Re: [css3-namespace] Last call comments from XHTML2 WG T.V Raman (Wednesday, 2 April)

Fw: Reminder: Seeking two more lightning talks for Beijing AC meeting John Boyer (Wednesday, 2 April)

XForms Simplified Forms Syntax Review Needed John Boyer (Wednesday, 2 April)

Draft minutes for 2008-04-02 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 2 April)

Re: XForms 1.2 Simplified Syntax Proposal Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Wednesday, 2 April)

regrets Joern Turner (Wednesday, 2 April)

Updated list of action items 2007-03-25 (Wednesday, 2 April)

TELECON AGENDA: 02 APR 2008 John Boyer (Wednesday, 2 April)

Fw: "Basic XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Version 1.0" Last Call John Boyer (Tuesday, 1 April)

Thunderhead uses XForms Steven Pemberton (Tuesday, 1 April)

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