Re: XForms Simplified Forms Syntax Review Needed

aloha, john!

thank you for kick-starting the joint task force back into activity --
the jtf's lack of progress has been of great concern to me, so i, for 
one, would very much welcome a series of telecons to discuss the issues 
you outlined in:

so that the joint forms task force has something concrete to propose 
to the HTML and XHTML2 working groups for consideration in regards 

my blackout times are:

* Mondays: 1700h - 1900h UTC; 2030h - 2200h UTC

* Tuesdays: 1700h - 1900h UTC

* Wednesdays: 1345h - 1445h UTC; 1600h - 1700h UTC

* Thursdays: 1800h - 1900h UTC

Note that the HTML WG call is a moveable meeting, alternately convening 
at 1600h - 1700h UTC and 2100h - 2200h UTC

* Fridays: no regularly scheduled conflicts

thank you john by (once again) grabbing the bull by the horns -- the
lack of content in the "Forms" section of the HTML5 draft is a huge 
hole and impediment to conversations concerning "next generation" HTML
forms, so i for one am very open to your suggestions...

in the interim, i will closely review the materials to which you pointed
and comment on list (both jtf and public-forms) as i deem necessary


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Subject: XForms Simplified Forms Syntax Review Needed

> Dear Forms Joint Task Force,
> I would like to invite you to have some active dialog regarding 
> XForms simplified syntax.  The goal of this work is to 
> streamline XForms for use by web authors, which is a topic of 
> great interest to both the Forms WG and the HTML WG.
> Based on an understanding of the "on the glass" style of 
> authoring desired for HTML, the Forms WG has been tasked with 
> figuring out a mapping that achieves that style of authorship 
> while also allowing a straightforward mapping to "canonical" 
> XForms.  The rationale for placing this requirement on the Forms 
> WG in its charter was to provide for web form authors a much 
> better "on ramp" to the full power and feature set of XForms 
> while also being able to scale back as far as possible to 
> constructs, ideas and syntax that are familiar to today's HTML 
> forms authors.
> The goal from the Forms WG side is to describe a vocabulary 
> which we might implement using XML but which the HTML WG could 
> adopt into both XHTML and HTML5 to provide maximal 
> interoperability of forms applications across the W3C stack.
> In looking at "canoncial" XForms and what it would imply for a 
> scalable "on the glass" style, we have gone through a number of 
> iterations and come up with a "strawman" view of 1) what the 
> simplified syntax could look like 2) what changes are needed to 
> the core XForms processing model to better support that view.
> This link provides a good technical explanation of this 
> "strawman" view, and I think it is at the point where it needs 
> more serious consideration, collaboration and discussion by the 
> task force:
> I would actually like to set up a special telecon with the 
> members of the task force to help kickstart the review and 
> elaboration process.  I have a toll free line that can be used 
> in addition to IRC.  I also have a web conference hosting 
> capability that will hopefully work for everyone, but the main 
> issue I have now would be getting a statement of availability 
> from all of you so we can figure out a reasonable time to hold 
> such a call.  Once we have a good time, we might be able to hold 
> the call weekly for a number of months to get some real progress.
> I hope that you will be as excited as I am by the look of the 
> simplified syntax as elaborated so far in the above "strawman" 
> view, and if so then hopefully it will inspire the elaboration 
> work needed to bring the modified XForms vocabulary into line 
> with the full needs of XHTML and HTML5.
> I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Also, could you please 
> consider adding me to the mailing list so that I can more easily 
> see the responses and help with the discussions.
> Thank you,
> John M. Boyer, Ph.D.
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> Chair, W3C Forms Working Group
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