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Simple question about dependency algorithm

From: <Nick_Van_den_Bleeken@inventivegroup.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 13:37:24 +0200
To: XForms <public-forms@w3c.org>
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I have a basic question about the dependency engine in XForms 1.0 (and 
1.1). Am I correct that the following binds don't work: 

        <xf:bind id="b-21" nodeset="item[@id='1']" calculate=
"../item[@id='2'] + ../item[@id='3']" type="float"/> 
      <xf:bind id="b-22" nodeset="item[@id='2']" type="float"/> 
      <xf:bind id="b-23" nodeset="item[@id='3']" calculate=
"../item[@id='4'] + ../item[@id='5'] + ../item[@id='6']" type="float"/> 
      <xf:bind id="b-24" nodeset="item[@id='4']" type="float"/> 
      <xf:bind id="b-25" nodeset="item[@id='5']" type="float"/> 
      <xf:bind id="b-26" nodeset="item[@id='6']" type="float"/> 

Because ../item[@id='2'] also adds ../item to the dependency list of b-21, 
or shouldn't I add the base expression of the filter to the dependency 
list? I vaguely recall a discussion about this at the FtF in Madrid, but 
aren't 100% sure anymore. 

Thanks in advance, 

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