Regrets so far: Uli, Charlie, Susan
Start Time: 10:45am Eastern US (15:45Z, except 14:45Z during US DST)
Duration: 90 minutes

Previous minutes:
IRC supplement:

Minute takers rotation list, when not done by Leigh:
Joern, Ulrich, Blake, Kenneth, Rogelio, David, Rafael, MarkB,
Charlie, MarkS, Raman, Sebastian, Erik, Susan, Nick, Keith

* = to be discussed

REPORTS (5 minutes)

* Upcoming telecons
Need May 7 telecon chair

Next FtF (June 9-12, Amsterdam)

The Forms Newsletter

XForms 1.1

XForms Basic 1.0, 1.1

Rich Web Application Backplane

ACTION ITEMS (10 minutes)
* Action Item List:

Those with >= 10 actions should commit to taking down one specific
action item from their list this week. Can't be one someone else
has already done.  Which one?

BUG FIX ISSUES (10 minutes)
* Typo in xforms-submit-done

* Question about dependency system

Non-selected case and non-relevant group

Offlist ping about answer for charset and encoding (action MarkB on May 2)

The meaning of message

The repeat-* attributes

* Is this the only comment on XML Base 2e?

* Forms Task Force

- Responses to

Strawman "architecture alignment" response:
Latest in thread:

Fix our shortname issue

Marketing of XForms


* Form tag, implied model

* Implied submission with form tag and/or with submit

* Explicit models as inner (nested) models of implicit model, external 
models with src

* Some meanings for use of name attribute
* Specifying initial value

* Continue with streamlined XForms development

Message Module

We should automate boolean-from-string() on the boolean MIPs (relevant, 
readonly, constraint)

We should allow the result of calculate to be cast according to the 
assigned datatype,
e.g. no need to call boolean-from-string() if calculate assigns to a 
boolean node.

Make progress on the XForms message module

Make progress on Model improvements (optional model, nested model, 
external model)


[[Magic for irc channel:

/invite zakim
zakim, this will be forms
/invite rrsagent
rrsagent, make log public

Meeting: Weekly Forms WG Teleconference
Agenda: <url of this message>
Chair: <whoever>
Scribe: <whoever> (use exact IRC name, or add "scribenick: irc_name")
Regrets: <name>, <name>, ...
Topic: <topic 1>
... minutes ...
Resolution: ... resolution ...
Topic: <topic 2>
ACTION: <someone> to <something>

Use sed edits to fix previous lines, like s/Steve/Steven/

*** AT THE END OF THE CALL, rrsagent will list the actions by typing

*** Zakim will announce who was present by typing
zakim, bye

*** rrsagent dismissal
rrsagent, make minutes
rrsagent, bye

*** If someone by chance dismisses rrsagent before the minutes
*** are made, just invite rrsagent back


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