Thunderhead uses XForms

"Thunderhead, the enterprise communications company, has announced the  
release of Interview Now, a new addition to its Thunderhead Now  
communications platform.

The NOW platform, based on Thunderhead's  
one-platform-for-all-communications paradigm, provides a complete  
enterprise solution for the creation and delivery of real-time and  
high-volume, multi-channel, personalised business communications.


In keeping with Thunderhead's XML heritage, Interview Now is based on  
XForms, an XML-based standard for the specification of user interfaces and  
processing of XML data. When specific data is required for a document, the  
NOW platform dynamically creates and actions the required XForm based on  
the target data properties and business logic contained in the document  


Received on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 13:08:40 UTC