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Agenda for Monday September 11th

Agenda for Monday September 25th

Agenda for Monday, October 2

Agenda, Monday, September 4

Agenda, Sept 18

changing my mind about versioning metadata

Comments on ID50

Decoupling between Link and its mediatype, and inputData/outputData

dxwg-ACTION-37: Provide different views on filtered content in ucr document

dxwg-ACTION-38: Review 'versioning' group

dxwg-ACTION-39: Ping lars and reuben re reviewing profiles grouping

dxwg-ACTION-40: And ruben_verborgh to check requirements for content negotiation

dxwg-ACTION-41: Numbering requirements

dxwg-ACTION-42: Create a tabular view on the requirements content

dxwg-ACTION-43: PWinstanley to suggest a re-write of RVer2 "version definition"

dxwg-ACTION-44: Go back to use cases to discover which resources need versioning, and create specific requirements

example of clustering and topic modelling on best practices

Follow up on version-related requirements

Ixchel & Karen created mock-up of requirements list

Meeting time redux, was: Re: Agenda for Monday September 25th

New action on UCR group

New action on UCR group / Proposal for requirement numbering

New weekly call details

ODRL rights & permissions

Organizing/prioritizing requirements

Organizing/prioritizing requirements ... via a tag filter

Organizing/prioritizing requirements / Comparison with other W3C UCR documents

Relating versions and UC47 (Define update method)

Requirements for content negotiation

Requirements for discussion Sep 18

Stating requirements

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