Meeting time redux, was: Re: Agenda for Monday September 25th

Thanks for reminding us about time changes. Here is what I see as
meeting times based on 6am Australia (Sydney time).

Sydney 6am (Tuesday)
NZ 8am (Tuesday)
CET 8pm (Monday)
London 7pm (Monday)
San Francisco 11am (Monday)
New York 2pm (Monday)
Sao Paulo 3pm (Monday)

Note that these calculations are for after November 4, which is when the
US makes its time change. Before November 4, San Francisco and New York
will be one hour later.

Also note that our face-to-face in the 2nd week of November takes place
on San Francisco time, which will be post-change for the US.

p.s. I am deeply time-zone challenged, so if you spot errors in my
calculations please speak up! I used the world clock site [1] but that
guarantees nothing.


On 9/22/17 2:26 PM, wrote:
> My apologies for the next two meetings. I'll be out of cell range in New
> Zealand.
> I would also like to request we look at the call time again. The
> seasonal change in the clocks are in opposite directions in the north
> and south hemispheres, so there is a 2 hour shift. Midnight has been
> hard. 2am will not be possible. OTOH 6am is possible (Eastern Australia)
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> Dear all,
> The agenda for Monday's call is now posted:
> Kind regards,
> Caroline

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