Re: Organizing/prioritizing requirements ... via a tag filter

  Dear Karen, dear all,
> determine the requirements for the three deliverables

  couldn't we use the tags to filter accordingly?

  There are 3 deliverable tags (content_negotiation, dcat, profile)
  with every use case tagged with at least one of them.

  The spec reader might create a view filtered by deliverable and further tags.
  Only matching use cases and their related requirements were visible: Tag > UC > Req.

  Does this simple approach fit the task or are there exceptions, where e.g.
  requirements are relevant for a deliverable while none of the related UCs does?

   Best regards
> Some possible organizing principles are:
> - which requirements are for which deliverables? (Yes, some requirements
> may be valid for more than one deliverable.)
> - what are the logical categories that requirements fall into within
> each deliverable?
> - what is the priority for each requirement? (e.g. absolutely required;
> required if possible; nice to have but not required)
> Following are some examples from previous working groups that the team
> is aware of. If you know of others please reply with them.
> - (DWBP challenges)
> - (DWBP requirements)
> - (SHACL requirements)
> Please give some time to this and share an ideas with the group.
> kc for the team

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