Requirements for discussion Sep 18

As we continue to discuss the organization of the requirements, we may
at least be able to discuss and approve ones that seem fairly obvious.
Below is a list of the requirements for versioning, extracted from the
current UCR document, for discussion on Monday:


1. Provide a definition of version, including how it relates to a
dataset distribution.

2. Provide support for different versioning scenarios (e.g., dataset
evolution, conversions/translations, granularities/subsets).

3. Provide a version identifier for a dataset

4. Provide metadata for when the specific version of a dataset was
created or released

5. Provide (metadata for?) what was changed from one version of a
dataset to the next.

6. Provide a means to search and discover versions of a given dataset.
This should include both metadata elements referencing previous and next
versions, lists of versions, and by implication the ability to search
catalogs for related versions.
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