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Organizing/prioritizing requirements Karen Coyle (Thursday, 31 August)

Agenda, Monday, September 4 Karen Coyle (Thursday, 31 August)

Updates to UC48 Karen Coyle (Monday, 28 August)

dxwg-ACTION-36: And editors look at prov and void Dataset Exchange Working Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 28 August)

dxwg-ACTION-35: Contact respec authors to clarify creation of dynamic links Dataset Exchange Working Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 28 August)

Meeting today D'Haenens Thomas (Monday, 28 August)

Use cases out of scope Karen Coyle (Thursday, 24 August)

Re-write of use case 48 Karen Coyle (Tuesday, 22 August)

dxwg-ACTION-34: Rewrite uc48 Dataset Exchange Working Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 21 August)

Apologies for the upcoming meeting D'Haenens Thomas (Monday, 21 August)

FW: [BIBFRAME] Call for Papers: Special Issue on Data Curation and Metadata: Journal of Library Metadata Svensson, Lars (Saturday, 19 August)

Agenda, August 21 Karen Coyle (Thursday, 17 August)

What is a version? Phil Archer (Thursday, 17 August)

ID 47 Karen Coyle (Wednesday, 16 August)

Modeling relationship between data and data-oriented software Jaroslav Pullmann (Wednesday, 16 August)

ID48 - Relationship of profile to validation Karen Coyle (Monday, 14 August)

dxwg-ACTION-33: Add link to spreadsheet from wiki Dataset Exchange Working Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 14 August)

UCR progress Rob Atkinson (Monday, 14 August)

Agenda, Monday August 14 Karen Coyle (Friday, 11 August)

Analysis of DCAT profiles Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran (Monday, 7 August)

DXWG GitHub permissions Dave Raggett (Monday, 7 August)

UCR workflow Karen Coyle (Friday, 4 August)

Agenda for Monday August 7th Caroline Burle (Thursday, 3 August)

RE: GIthub workflow for DXWG group (Tuesday, 1 August)

RE: List of Presents at Oxford F2F (Tuesday, 1 August)

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