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I think you refer to my comment in one of the calls about the use of a DCAT Application Profile for software.

My comment was about the Application Profile of ADMS, which is a specialisation of DCAT, called ADMS-AP, that is used in the aggregation of information about interoperability assets (controlled vocabularies, metadata schemas) and software solutions by the federated repositories on the Joinup platform, 

The specification can be found at



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Subject: Modeling relationship between data and data-oriented software

    Dear WG members,

    as part of my research I am considering the relationship between data sets and data-oriented software
   and how this might be modeled in a consistent and uniform way. Based on the UC descriptions (ID8: scope
   of dataset, ID20: resources different from datasets, ID9: link to software used to produce data) and our
   discussions there seem to be at least the following ways of looking at this relationship:

 - Software as asset: Software being described as the central, promoted asset (Dataset)
 - Software as part of provenance (past): Software used to produce/process particular Dataset
 - Software as service: (future): Software that might be used for particular processing of a Dataset
   Are you aware of related research, standards or usage examples (I assume it was Simon mentioning a company
   using DCAT to describe software distributions)? Particularly interesting is the modeling of data processing
   services, their semantics ("transform", "aggregate") and the relation to data (parameters) they operate upon.

     Many thanks

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