UCR workflow

There is a somewhat cryptic item on Monday's agenda: "UCR entries
workflow question" that we thought might benefit from a short
explanation in email.

At the moment we have the draft use case space on the wiki. We also now
have a draft UCR document in github that will become our first public
working draft. We informally decided at the last meeting that any
updates to existing use cases should be made in the github version.

Unfortunately, that doesn't cover the entirety of the workflow question,
so here is a fuller description of that.

1. The current UCR document in Github contains all use cases that have
been submitted. It does not differentiate between those that have been
accepted by the group by a vote and those that have not. This is making
it difficult to line up as-yet-un-voted use cases for the weekly
meetings. (Also note that there are use cases that we reject as

2. We have not decided where new use cases will be entered: the wiki or

For #1, options seem to be:
 - mark all use cases in the github document with their status, or
 - leave use cases in the wiki until they are accepted, then add them to
the github document

For #2, options are:
 - Add new use cases to the Wiki document, and inform the chairs so they
can schedule them on a conference call
 - Add new uses cases directly to the github document, and inform the
chairs so they can schedule them on a conference call
 - Add new uses cases as comments on the github document, and editors
will add them

Some things we need to keep in mind:
 - We want a good audit trail of what use cases we have considered, even
if they are not accepted as in scope by the group
 - Not everyone is comfortable using github, much less editing a Respec

There are probably other issues that we haven't identified here. We'd
like to make this a SHORT item on the Monday call, so if you have a
preferred solution please offer it to the group via this maillist so we
can focus on a small number of solutions.

kc for the chairs
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