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Project X has decided to make its datasets available as open access,
downloadable. They do not know who will find the datasets useful but
assume that some potential users are outside of Project X's immediate
community. They need a way to describe their metadata and its usage such
that anyone can work with the datasets, and they hope to do this with a
profile that is machine-readable, human-understandable, and that defines
the criteria for valid data.

Some of their datasets are in RDF and Project X could potentially
provide a SHACL document that fulfills the functions above, either
instead of or in addition to a profile. However, they also have many
datasets that are in metadata schemas for which there is no standard
validation language. For those datasets, the profile will need to suffice.

Note that there is also a question about the RDF datasets and SHACL. If
one expects users of the datasets to be fully conversant in SHACL and to
have SHACL tools, then it isn't clear if a profile will provide any
additional information to a SHACL validation document. There may,
however, be users who wish to work with Project X's RDF data but who are
not (yet) using SHACL. There could be both a profile for that RDF data
as well as a SHACL document, but the programmers at Project X are wary
of having two entirely separate definitions of the data, since it may be
difficult to guarantee that they are 100% equivalent.

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