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[BIBFRAME] Call for Papers: Special Issue on Data Curation and Metadata: Journal of Library Metadata

Agenda for Monday August 28th

Agenda for Monday August 7th

Agenda, August 21

Agenda, Monday August 14

Agenda, Monday, September 4

Analysis of DCAT profiles

Apologies for the upcoming meeting

Close actions 17 and 30

DXWG GitHub permissions

dxwg-ACTION-33: Add link to spreadsheet from wiki

dxwg-ACTION-34: Rewrite uc48

dxwg-ACTION-35: Contact respec authors to clarify creation of dynamic links

dxwg-ACTION-36: And editors look at prov and void

GIthub workflow for DXWG group

ID 47

ID48 - Relationship of profile to validation

List of Presents at Oxford F2F

Meeting today

Modeling relationship between data and data-oriented software

Organizing/prioritizing requirements

Re-write of use case 48

UCR progress

UCR workflow

Updates to UC48

Use cases out of scope

What is a version?

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