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[admin] Agenda - teleconference 15 April 2015

[admin] Agenda - teleconference 8 April 2015

[admin] Agenda: Teleconference 29 April 2015

[admin] Draft F2F agenda

[admin] F2F agenda update; note on client API item

[admin] revised F2F Minutes (v2) from 22 April 2015 F2F

[admin] Welcome to the Web Annotation WG

[web-annotation] Allow Digitally Signed Annotations

[web-annotation] Allow full SVG in SvgSelector?

[web-annotation] Define json-ld profile URI for OA serialization context and structure

[web-annotation] Expanded role for agents' activities

[web-annotation] Intended Audience for Annotation

[web-annotation] Require dct:Text class for interpretation of literal bodies

[web-annotation] Should Annotation concept and document be distinguished?

[web-annotation] Update skos:related to skos:exactMatch for semantic tags

anno-ACTION-10: Prepare initial draft of domannotation

anno-ACTION-11: Documentating use cases

anno-ACTION-12: Add creating buckets for client side annotation support to next agenda

anno-ACTION-13: Update protocol draft based on f2f discussion comments

anno-ACTION-14: Add aggregation use case to wiki

anno-ACTION-15: Talk with digital publishing group re consensus (and rob)

anno-ACTION-16: Provide summary of sru level 1 for group to enable considering approach

anno-ACTION-17: Add offset issue to future agenda item

Annotations at Europeana

Client API slides

Draft Minutes - F2F 22 April 2015

Essence of the annotation protocol

Feedback on updating /TR stylesheets requested: deadline 4 May 2015

Fwd: Community Group created

Fwd: Unicode offset calculations

FYI: annotation on dropbox

FYI: I Annotate Hack Days

FYI: LDP Primer

Genius released Annotation tool

Meeting minutes, 2015-04-15

Minutes of telco 2015-04-29

Minutes of telco, 2015-04-08

model: multiple resources

Paging, filtering, and sorting

Search requirements

Selectors as URIs?

Semantic tags

Semantic Tags (was:

Social Web F2F recap

SRU/CQL requirements

Unicode offset calculations

Updated Protocol WD

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