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XML Calabash 1.0.2 released Norman Walsh (Sunday, 29 January)

using saxon PE instead of HE Theo van den Heuvel (Friday, 27 January)

using saxon PE Theo van den Heuvel (Thursday, 26 January)

Aggregating results: hints wanted Wendell Piez (Wednesday, 25 January)

Scope? Alex Muir (Wednesday, 18 January)

Add Calabash to Homebrew Package Manager! Zearin (Tuesday, 17 January)

why not in p:exec ... ""If cwd is not specified, the cwd is the same as the xproc file one is running."? Alex Muir (Monday, 16 January)

Extending steps Philip Fennell (Wednesday, 11 January)

p:pipeline should make a closure over in-scope variables Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 11 January)

XML Calabash released Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 10 January)

[ANN] XML Prague 2012 speakers announced, Call for Posters and time to register is now James Fuller (Friday, 6 January)

calling for xproc pain points, requested features, etc James Fuller (Thursday, 5 January)

Generating XSL / XProc Zearin (Wednesday, 4 January)

Experimental Saxon 9.4-based release of XML Calabash Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 3 January)

Re: Validation... Norman Walsh (Monday, 2 January)

Re: Validation, error reports, and printing to stderr Norman Walsh (Sunday, 1 January)

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