[ANN] XML Prague 2012 speakers announced, Call for Posters and time to register is now

The XML Prague 2012 conference will include two full days of single track
sessions. These will take place on Saturday and Sunday (February 11-12, 2012)
, this year including a preconference day on preceding Friday
(February 10, 2012).

 XML Prague

 XML Prague preconference day


We are happy to announce speakers for XML Prague 2012.  The quality of
were extremely high this year and we would like to thank everyone who
took the time
and effort to submit a paper.

 Opening Keynote - Jeni Tennison

 The eX Markup Language? - Eric Van der Vlist

 XML and HTML Cross-Pollination: A Bridge Too Far? - Robin Berjon and
Norman Walsh

 What XML can learn from HTML; also known as XML5 - Anne Van Kesteren

 Panel discussion on HTML/XML convergence - Norman Walsh

 XProc: Beyond application/xml - Vojtěch Toman

 Understanding NVDL - the Anatomy of an Open Source XProc/XSLT
implementation of NVDL - George Bina

 JSONiq: XQuery for JSON, JSON for XQuery - Jonathan Robie, Matthias
Brantner, Daniela Florescu, Ghislain Fourny and Til

 Corona: Managing and querying XML and JSON via REST - Jason Hunter

 Treating JSON as a subset of XML: Using XForms to read and submit
JSON - Steven Pemberton

 RESTful XQuery - Standardised XQuery 3.0 Annotations for REST - Adam Retter

 Compiling XQuery code into Javascript instructions using XSLT- Alain Couthures

 Implementing an XQuery/XSLT hybrid - Evan Lenz

 Transform.XQ: A Transformation Library for XQuery 3.0 - John Snelson

 Building Bridges from Java to XQuery- Charles Foster

 My first XSLT editor - Tony Graham

 A Wiki-based System for Schema and Data Evolution - Lorenzo Bossi
and Alberto Trombetta

 Standards update – XPath/XSLT/XQuery 3.0 - Michael Kay and Jonathan Robie

 Closing keynote - Michael Sperberg-McQueen

As XML Prague is an intense 2 days on a single track we urge attendees
and speakers alike to come prepared to engage, challenge and cross
pollinate ideas, we ask everyone to take a little time with the
sessions above to get familiar with the terrain and come armed with
questions, what you would like to see in the future and in general
your great ideas.

We will be releasing the final schedule in the next few weeks.

Call for Posters

XMLPrague 2012 is welcoming posters submissions to the conference topics:

   Is it a time to refactor XML? - MicroXML, XML5 and other approaches
   Semantics on the Web - Is there still place for XML in a minefield
full of microformats, microdata and RDFa?
   Converge or convert? - HTML5 vs. XHTML, JSON vs. XML, RDFa vs. microdata
   Managing, processing and analyzing "Big XML data"
   Syntax and power upgraded - new possibilities of XPath/XQuery/XSLT 3.0
   Current advances in XML

Submissions must be delivered to the dedicated email address of
poster@xmlprague.cz on January 18th.

Each submission should consist of

   an abstract (up to 300 words long)
   author(s) name(s) and affiliation
   an optional link to the poster, author homepage or other relevant page

For inspiration, see the last year's posters page at XMLPrague 2011 :: Posters.

All proposals will be submitted for review by a peer review panel made
up of the XML Prague Program Committee. Submissions will be chosen
based on interest, applicability, technical merit, and technical

Important Dates:

   January 18th - End of Call for Posters
   January 20th - Notification on acceptance/rejection of posters to authors

If you have any question regarding submission process please contact
Petr Cimprich at petr.cimprich@xmlprague.cz.


Registration & Questions

Now is the time to register


If you have any questions feel free to contact me or info@xmlprague.cz.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this year.

on behalf,
 XML Prague 2012 Committee

XMLPrague 2012, Feb 11th & 12th   <http://xmlprague.cz>
Preconference day Feb 10th

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MarkLogic                     http://marklogic.com
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