Aggregating results: hints wanted


Not having quite the time to give to XProc as I'd like, I'm fumbling 
along and managing mostly, but occasionally need some advice. (Honestly, 
I feel the way many XSLT newbies must. I get the general idea, but the 
core concepts -- to say nothing of specific aspects of its design -- are 
just not embedded well enough into my brain for me to have much 
confidence that I'm thinking about it right.)

My current problem is as follows: I have a pipeline of XSLT 
transformations (it's actually twelve steps long), which works well, but 
I would also like to intervene at points with Schematron validation. I 
get how I can capture the results of a validation (its 'report' port) 
while the input, having been validated, can go on to the next step in 
the pipeline.

However, I'd like to do this with several discrete Schematrons operating 
on the results of several of my XSLT steps, but bundle all their reports 
together into a single result (which I might then process with more XSLT).

(I know this may seem odd, but the pipeline is a sort of upconversion 
from arbitrary inputs, and I'm trying to detect problems in the input at 
the time when they are easiest to detect.)

I can see how I could use p:pack to pack two of them together, but what 
if I have more than two?

Do I have to use p:pack repeatedly? (And perhaps p:unwrap to unwrap the 
wrappers that get introduced every time I pack?)

I imagine there must be a more graceful way, and would be grateful for 
any advice or corrections.


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Received on Wednesday, 25 January 2012 20:30:08 UTC