RE: Generating XSL / XProc

Hi Zearin,

I agree with Philip that there are no big secrets to it. I generated XSLT
with XSLT (using tricks similar to those of Philip, and some more to copy
unused namespace declarations to the target xsl for instance), I also
generated XQuery using XQuery (which is even simpler, and I was also
thinking of generating XProc using XSLT/XProc (allowing for syntactic
enrichments, common short-hands, etc).

Biggest problem is to bend your mind around the idea, and keeping track
what belongs to the actual code being executed, and what belongs to the
code being generated.

So, with regard to tools: any would do, but I’d use XML standards
themselves if possible.

I am not aware of papers, blog articles or tutorials about this. But that
can be fixed if you think that would help you a lot.. ;-)

Kind regards,


*Van:* Zearin []
*Verzonden:* woensdag 4 januari 2012 16:08
*Aan:* XProc Dev
*Onderwerp:* Generating XSL / XProc

I’m interested in learning how to use XML tools to generate XSL and/or
XProc (code skeletons are just fine—anything extra is a delightful bonus).

   - Are there documents that teach how to do this?
   - Are there existing tools available for accomplishing this?
   - Any other general advice, comments, suggestions on this topic?




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