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David Cramer <> writes:
> On 01/02/2012 09:29 AM, Norman Walsh wrote:
> ...
>> 1. Abort on validation error 2. Silently ignore validation error 3.
>> Ignore validation errors, but make sure that the errors are
>> reported to the user
> ...
>> Does this cover all of the use cases? (I'm not asking if you think
>> this is a *good* solution, I'm just trying to see if we've
>> technically covered all the bases or if there's still more that I'm
>> not getting.)
> Just to be clear, there's also #4, "Report errors to the user AND
> abort", correct?

If you just leave the validation step outside of a p:try, that's the
intended behavior.

> I need #4 with the ability to pass in a parameter at build time to do
> #3 instead (I'm not wild about the idea, but the users say they want it).

That should be possible with an appropriate p:choose.

> The only other thing I recall being mention in the previous thread on
> this subject was the ability to transform the XML version of the list
> of errors, but I think that was already covered with p:error.

I think so too.

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