Re: why not in p:exec ... ""If cwd is not specified, the cwd is the same as the xproc file one is running."?

David Lee <> writes:
> Not speaking for the WG ... but  it won't keep me from speaking :)

You know, you work for a member company now, ...

> 1) The XProc "file" may not be a file, it could be
> A) In a database (such as EMC  ...)
> B) Prepared dynamically
> D) Directly fetched/executed off the internet (http:// ... ) 
> 2) Not all OS's *HAVE* the notion of a CWD.   For example Windows Mobile has no concept of a
> CWD.

Yes, those are the sorts of reasons that the WG didn't attempt to specify
the CWD.

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Received on Monday, 16 January 2012 21:59:53 UTC