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Interoperability vs. Uniformity Larry Masinter (Tuesday, 30 December)

Proposal to remove the phrase "Semantic Web" from the Self-Describing Web draft finding Jonathan Rees (Friday, 19 December)

Property example in "Self-describing web" draft Jonathan Rees (Friday, 19 December)

Draft TAG telcon agenda 18th Dec 2009: IRIEverywhere-27;Self-Describing Web; XMLVersioing-41; binaryXML-30. Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Tuesday, 16 December)

[Fwd: OK to postpone ISSUE-13 handling-http-401-status (form authentication...)?] Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 16 December)

more from gandi.net on domain ownership Dan Connolly (Monday, 15 December)

On the topic of capabilities and browser code: google native client David Orchard (Wednesday, 10 December)

Next steps (at the f2f, I hope) for URNsAndRegistries-50 Henry S. Thompson (Saturday, 6 December)

Updates to Versioning finding David Orchard (Friday, 5 December)

Re: Comments on HTML WG face to face meetings in France Oct 08 Henry S. Thompson (Friday, 5 December)

"Syntax and semantics for embedding RDF in XHTML" TAG issue addressed by RDFa and GRDDL (RDFinHTML-35) Dan Connolly (Friday, 5 December)

Draft minutes of W3C TAG Teleconference of 4 Dec 2008 noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com (Friday, 5 December)

TAG weekly 20 Nov 2008 minutes for review: tagSoupIntegration-54, uriBasedPackageAccess-61 Dan Connolly (Thursday, 4 December)

TAG F2F Agenda: 9-11 Dec 2008: Cambridge MA. Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Thursday, 4 December)

alert: authoritative metadata discussion on www-talk Jonathan Rees (Thursday, 4 December)

WebArch introduction, sort of Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 4 December)

New draft of W3C TAG Finding on the Self-Describing Web noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com (Thursday, 4 December)

Re: new public-pkg-uri-scheme mailing list Michael Champion (Wednesday, 3 December)

TAG Telcon Agenda 4th Dec 2008: httpRedirections-57; uriBsedPackageAccess-61; F2F Preparation Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Wednesday, 3 December)

Re: ZIP-based packages and URI references within them, [widgets, uriBasedPackageAccess-61] Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 2 December)

RE: ZIP-based packages and URI references into them ODF proposal Larry Masinter (Monday, 1 December)

RE: Sketch of an idea to address widget/package addressing with fragID syntax and media-type defn. Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) (Monday, 1 December)

Fwd: New Version Notification for draft-nottingham-http-link-header-03 Mark Nottingham (Monday, 1 December)

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