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Hi Michael,
I'm sorry but it does seem my message was unclear:

There are two topics. One is about packages and URI references. That's the topic that the new mailing list is for -- and the list & discussion should be announced widely to IETF participants, the URI mailing list, the OASIS group working on eBook formats, etc., to see if it is possible to get at least a common understanding of the broader requirements, if not a common specification that meets them, for both ZIP-based packages, MIME types and metadata for them. I would think that Microsoft's proposed "pack" URI scheme and the ZIP-based packaging in Microsoft's OpenXML might be important topics of discussion, at least to get a broader understanding of the requirements and the nature of the solutions. The conversation was cc'd to the TAG because the TAG had discussed it, but I think it is a topic that would benefit from the attention of others who have a specific interest in this narrow topic, but who are not interested in general TAG discussions.

The second topic, about the role of architecture and the nature of W3C recommendations seems to me to a central issue for the TAG, and so I suggested having that discussion on the www-tag itself. Perhaps it is also worthy of a separate mailing list, but I am less certain that it has a separate constituency.


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Michael Smith wrote:
> The new list is now ready to go:

But the original suggestion from Larry Masinter [1] was:
> I realize that we've moved from discussing ZIP packages and URI references into them to a deeper
> discussion of the role of architecture and orthogonality, language specifications
> vs. implementation guidelines, the handling of error conditions in
> standards documents, and the interplay of extensibility vs. consistency of behavior.
> I think that's important, but perhaps should be handled with a narrower mailing list

Is the new list to discuss the specific topic of URI references in ZIP packages, or the larger architectural topics raised in Ian Hickson's message [2] to which Larry was replying?


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