Next steps (at the f2f, I hope) for URNsAndRegistries-50

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I've been working, with help from Jonathan Rees, on an alternative to
the stalled draft finding [1] on this issue.  A draft is available at

The first three sections are reasonably complete, it gets
progressively scrappier after that: anyone who does _not_ want to get
sucked into a work in progress should stop reading sooner rather than

At the TAG f2f next week (and from this list), I am looking for
guidance on/answers to three questions:

 1) Are the requirements
    a) complete;
    b) comprehensible -- that is, this section functions to introduce
       a number of issues/dimensions of variation/terminology -- does
       it achieve this for the intended audience?

 2) Is the challenges/tradeoffs section complete (at an appropriate
    level of detail)?  That is, is there anything missing, or anything
    where unnecessary detail is given?

 3) What's the right way to finish this?  Jonathan and I have
    discussed the fact that there's a (lengthy) academic paper about
    existing and potential approaches Web naming which is lurking
    beneath the surface of this document, and perhaps occasionally
    breaking through into view, but that really doesn't belong in a
    TAG finding.  Could we go as far as to strip out virtually all
    references to existing approaches, and _simply_ conclude with a
    pretty brief outline of how http: URIs can be used to address the
    requirements, making clear where there are choices wrt the
    tradeoffs from section 3?


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