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errors in the SVG1.1 DTD (?), and that known errror in the 1.0 DTD Tobias Reif (Monday, 25 March)

1.1 Spec 14.2 link does not work..... Robert Diblasi (Sunday, 24 March)

6.1 SVG's styling properties Robert Diblasi (Sunday, 24 March)

Please help with defs, a, and adobe... Sukmoon Chang (Saturday, 23 March)

Map Projections, TNTmips GIS and SVG Lance Dyas (Friday, 22 March)

validating from the commandline Tobias Reif (Friday, 22 March)

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SVG to image maps? Danny Ayers (Monday, 18 March)

Using Multiple Filters Joe Mihalich (Monday, 18 March)

"to" animation question Antoine Quint (Monday, 18 March)

SVG object collision detection handling... Florian De Vuyst (Sunday, 17 March)

Simple plot tool for scientists and students Florian De Vuyst (Sunday, 17 March)

Text Background Joe Mihalich (Friday, 15 March)

future SVG schemas: XSD or DTD normative? Tobias Reif (Thursday, 14 March)

Editorial comments on SVG 1.1 and Mobile SVG Profiles Last Call WDs Masayasu Ishikawa (Thursday, 14 March)

RE: Connecting elements using lines/paths Stuart Celarier (Wednesday, 13 March)

RE: An invalid example in SVG 1.0 Spec. - Chapter 17.1 Stuart Celarier (Wednesday, 13 March)

path closing iztok jeras (Wednesday, 13 March)

I am looking for utility/sample code to write draw kind of tool nandkumar rayanker (Tuesday, 12 March)

Re: SVG MIME Type Registration Tayeb Lemlouma (Tuesday, 12 March)

dgn to svg format Gaurav Jain (Monday, 11 March)

Re: Bug?: <text...textLength...lengthAdjust> Chris Lilley (Wednesday, 6 March)

[SVG1] 0missions, typos and (likely) errors J.J.SOLARI (Monday, 4 March)

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