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Re: dynamic svg

From: Ronan Oger <ronan@roasp.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 19:34:11 +0100
To: "\"ravi\" <ravi@Texworld.com>;"<www-svg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <jUsT.aNoTheR.mEsSaGe.iD.10159581598656@roasp.com>
And of course, to self-promote my Perl SVG module, there's the Perl 
SVG modules (demos and tutorials at http://roasp.com/ ). 
Tutorial 8 discusses and demonstrates accessing SVG from a MySQL 
database. In the demo I use the perl DBI interface to MySQL. Any 
web hosting service worth its salt will provide MySQL and perl with 
the DBI module for under $20 per month. ;-)
Here is the tutorial:

Actually, to be less self-promoting, the only thing that the SVG 
perl modules provide is a pre-packaged framework for generating SVG.
Any XML-generator (php, c++,vb,...) or manual coding in any language 
can produce SVG. The only issue is knowing how to conncet to a database.
You could also simply use excel macros to do this!.Just pick a language 
and go for it...

Good luck,

RO IT Systems GmbH

Eido SVG-Enabled Collaboration Portal
At Tuesday, 12 March 2002, you wrote:

>> could some body suggest tools/example code for creating svg
>> by database values? (basically to create image of chart depending 
>the values
>> from a particular table)
>Adobe Illustrator 10 allows you to design SVG templates connected to
>various types of data sources. You can check out Adobe's website for
>more on this. However, if you've got prior knowledge of dynamic HTML
>generation you should be able to generate SVG in a rather similar 
>and with similar tools.

At Tuesday, 12 March 2002, "ravi" <ravi@Texworld.com> wrote:

>could some body suggest tools/example code for 
>creating svg image,controlled by database values?
>(basically to create image of chart depending upon 
>the values from a particular table)

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