Re: errors in the SVG1.1 DTD (?), and that known errror in the 1.0 DTD

On Monday, March 25, 2002, 2:20:01 PM, Tobias wrote:

TR> Hi,

TR> 1. errors in  the SVG1.1 DTD (?),

TR> Xerces-C 1.7.0 says:

TR> Fatal Error at file 
TR> line 829, char 55
TR>    Message: Expected an element name

TR> Here are lines 828 and 829 of the DTD:

TR> <!ELEMENT div (#PCDATA|region|div|p|span|animate|set|animateMotion|
TR>                  animateColor|animateTransform|%divExt;)* >

Thanks. We know about these errors.

TR>                                                        ^
TR> Perhaps the | before the divExt entity is the problem?

Yes, exactly.

TR> This solves it
TR> for Xerces.
TR> Same in 846, 862, 877, etc;
TR> but how to solve it in 888?

TR> Or is it false alarm by Xerces?

No, it was a bug in the DTD.

TR> 2. that known errror in the 1.0 DTD

TR> Will the SVG1.0 DTD itself be corrected to allow (, require, or fix)
TR> xmlns:xlink=""
TR> on "svg" elements?
TR> That would be great, because currently, I'm not sure which DTD to choose 
TR> to validate SVG. Which one works?

I will publish an eratta to fix the 1.0 bug as soon as I can. It will
be fixed in 1.1.

Here is a DTD that fixes the bugs Tobi reported.


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