Re[2]: An invalid example in SVG 1.0 Spec. - Chapter 17.1

On Thursday, 14 March, 2002, 17:26:34, Stuart wrote:

SC> One point still alludes me. Unlike a standard attribute, a namespace
SC> declaration is in scope for all descendents of the element on which it
SC> is declared (unless redeclared in a descendent element).

Other attributes also work like that, for example xml:lang.

SC> In order to
SC> express that a particular namespace must be in scope for a given element
SC> or attribute, isn't it necessary to indicated that the namespace
SC> declaration can appear on any ancestor of that element or attribute
SC> (provided there are no conflicts)?


SC> How is this accomplished in a DTD?

With verbosity.

SC> If
SC> SVG is combined with other XML in a document, the namespace could be
SC> declared on a non-SVG element. How can the SVG's DTD indicate that?

The external DTD subset won't indicate that, sure. You would need to
use the internal DTD subset in the instance to do that.


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