Re[2]: errors in the SVG1.1 DTD (?), and that known errror in the 1.0 DTD

On Monday, March 25, 2002, 9:55:20 PM, Tobias wrote:

TR> I wrote:
>> But with the 01-SVG-1.1-monolithic-fixed.dtd, I still get
>>  Attribute 'xmlns:xlink' is not declared for element 'svg'

> {Tobi worries about this]

The quality of the DTD should be judged by the time in minutes between
your mail and my response.. If you want the real next DTD, wait for
the real next spec ;-)

TR> . One document, should be OK for validating and non-validating, NS-aware 
TR> parsers.

TR> Does that make sense?


Meanwhile, feel free to declare xmlns:xlink (or :whatever) on the SVG element,
or wherever strikes your fancy, in the internal DYTD subset.


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