6.1 SVG's styling properties

6.1 SVG's styling properties

Before the big list it is stated:

<snip>"The following properties are shared between CSS2 and SVG. Most of these properties are also defined in XSL:"


Its seems the SVG Specification is getting a little lazy here ;-) .....It would be nice for a developer to know what the XSL properties are not defined...it is importaint to to know because SVG is a Application ofXML. So I think it is very possible for a developer to use XSL .

I am requesting that the properties that are not defined in XSL be stated in the Specification. It can help to reinforce "6.2 Usage scenarios for styling".By telling the developer what is not part of XSL ....it allows the Developer to decided what technologyis best to use to the developers problem CSS or XSL. 

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Robert A. DiBlasi

Received on Sunday, 24 March 2002 14:54:30 UTC