Re: SVG to image maps?

"Danny Ayers" <> writes:

> Has anyone played with stylesheets to render SVG data down to good ol' html
> image maps?

Hi Danny, 

I assume that your question is specific to [1], where your SVG file
would only consist of a set of transparent paths with links, in front
of a background image (no filters, animation and other fancy stuff).

Even this would be hard to do in (pure) XSLT, since it takes rather
complex calculations to compute an approximation of closed paths using
the rectangles. Or maybe you would simplify the approximation down to
compute the bounding box of the SVG path. Even that wouldn't be
trivial, since XSLT 1.0 is not so good at parsing strings or computing
min/max over sets of values.

> Whilst looking at some XSLT that went the other way around [1], it occurred
> to me that this might be useful in situations where an SVG viewer wasn't
> available and/or there was an assistive technology that could make some
> sense of an image map but would baulk at SVG.


> [1]

Received on Tuesday, 19 March 2002 04:40:15 UTC