RE: An invalid example in SVG 1.0 Spec. - Chapter 17.1

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Stuart Celarier wrote:

> One point still alludes me. Unlike a standard attribute, a namespace
> declaration is in scope for all descendents of the element on which it
> is declared (unless redeclared in a descendent element). In order to
> express that a particular namespace must be in scope for a given element
> or attribute, isn't it necessary to indicated that the namespace
> declaration can appear on any ancestor of that element or attribute
> (provided there are no conflicts)? How is this accomplished in a DTD? If
> SVG is combined with other XML in a document, the namespace could be
> declared on a non-SVG element. How can the SVG's DTD indicate that? How
> do you express in a DTD that the namespace prefix can be any NCName, and
> that NCName must match the prefix used on particular elements or
> attributes?

I'm not sure if this example helps (and my apologies if you arleady know 
this technique and it doesn't do what you want):

here's a relevant portion:

<!ENTITY % rdf-namespace-prefix "rdf"> <!-- usually -->
<!ENTITY % rdf-namespace-address 
<!ENTITY % rdf-namespace-declaration
               'xmlns:%rdf-namespace-prefix; CDATA #FIXED

<!-- exported names: -->
<!ENTITY % RDF "%rdf-namespace-prefix;:RDF">
<!ENTITY % description   "%rdf-namespace-prefix;:Description">
<!ENTITY % sequence      "%rdf-namespace-prefix;:seq">

J. David Eisenberg

Received on Thursday, 14 March 2002 14:01:12 UTC