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2nd Public Draft of SVG 1.1 and SVG Mobile available

8.1 Full Shape Module missing attributes? something new?

[ANNOUNCE] Sacré SVG - new XML.com column

[svg-developers] Error in SVG Spec? - Chapter 6.6

again some XML Schema problem :-)

ANN : SVG material

Another XML Schema problem

color inheritence for markers

Editoral change or Error? ...request to revise 6.1

Error in specification 9.1

Error in SVG Spec? - Chapter 6.6


Fwd: [Moderator Action] server-side SVG generation

Fwd: Re: ISSUE: clientX and clientY coordinates in DOM MouseE vents

How about a search feature for the SVG specification

ISSUE: clientX and clientY coordinates in DOM MouseEvents

Jasc Software Announces Release of Jasc® WebDrawT 1.0

Jasc WebDraw 1.0 now available

Mapping client pixel coordinates to global coordinates

mouse event coords

Perspecitve and Taper Transformations - Suggestion

Possible errata in Appendix B5, missing "outermost"

proposal to restrict clipPath in SVG Basic

Protecting SVG data in browser clients

Regexp for PreserveAspectRatioSpecType

rotate attribute for text

Schema for SVG - suggestions

Schema, root element

Simple text wrapping

SVG 1.1, animation on <use> question and suggestion

SVG Font Examples available on-line

SVG Schema: URL for XMLSchema.dtd ?

SVG1.1 Geographic Coordinate System

Taper transformation?

Text in SVG 1.1

Timed Text work

updated IPR statements for SVG 1.0

validation of the SVG Schema with a schema, not a DTD

XML Schema for SVG - bugs

XML UK events on XML and graphics - 21 Feb 2002 & 21 March 2002

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