RE: ISSUE: clientX and clientY coordinates in DOM MouseEvents

Thierry wrote:

> The SVG specification has changed this definition and the 
> clientX and clientY attributes represents viewport 
> coordinates for the coresponding svg element.

Could you provide a specific reference for that "change".  I don't recall
and couldn't find anything in the SVG 1.0 recommendation (and haven't
checked in the 1.1 drafts).  The SVG 1.0 drafts seem to link directly to the
DOM 2 Events specs for the definitions of MouseEvent.

From my experience with SVG (specifically the Adobe SVG Viewer), I had to
jump through hoops to get the coordinates from user agent coordinates back
into the coordinate space of the svg element.

If it is not there already, a better option that A or B is adding a method
to SVGElement that can take a user agent coordinate and return an SVGPoint
in that coordinate space.

function onmouseover(e)
   var pointhere =,e.clientY);

Received on Friday, 11 January 2002 12:57:34 UTC