Re: SVG Schema: URL for XMLSchema.dtd ?


(I accidently sent you an incorrect version of this mail directly)

 > THe one in the same directory as the schema.

$Id: XMLSchema.dtd,v 1.1 2002/01/10 15:08:25 dean Exp $

 > This is in fact the standard one, from

which states
$Id: XMLSchema.dtd,v 1.31 2001/10/24 15:50:16 ht Exp $

Perhaps it's better to point directly to
or to something like talked about in
  -> an XMLSchema.xsd

 >>Is there a normative DTD for W3C Schema, or should a Schema be used to
 >>validate schemas?
 > Yes :)
 > OK, seriously, yes and yes.

Err; why isn't it used then? (above, I'm talking about validating
schemas, not SVGs.)

I meant: Wouldn't a schema (XMLSchema.xsd) be more appropriate to
validate the SVG 1.1 schema?

 > The Doctype of SVG 1.1 will change. We hope to provide a normative
 > schema and possibly a non-normative DTD (unless my memory is
 > fooling me).

Sorry, I omitted a word, and switched another. I meant:

Would it make sense to change the doctype of the SVG 1.1 *schema* to 
reference a
public schema definition, via http, so that

<!DOCTYPE schema PUBLIC "[...]"

I'm sorry for the confusion :)

I'm rearranging stuff in my copy of the SVG 1.1 Schema, and need to
validate the results. In the doctype declaration of the schema,
"XMLSchema.dtd" is referenced; I just thought it might be better if this
would be changed to "http:/[...]XMLSchema.xsd".





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