2nd Public Draft of SVG 1.1 and SVG Mobile available

The W3C SVG Working Group is pleased to announce the 2nd public
release of SVG 1.1 and SVG Mobile Profiles: SVG Basic and SVG Tiny.


Highlights include:
- much more complete mobile profiles
- first draft of a W3C XML Schema for SVG
- brief description of simple text wrapping in SVG 
  (and the new elements to implement it)
- details on how to describe the geographic coordinate
  system that an SVG image such as a map is using (via metadata)

The Working Group invite comments on these specifications.
Please send feedback to www-svg@w3.org (this is a publically
available list that is archived on the W3C web site)

You will notice that this draft of SVG 1.1 describes the
modularization of SVG 1.0, but refers to SVG 1.0 for the description
of elements, attributes, rendering etc. The next public release of SVG
1.1 will be a complete specification.

Go bananas.


Received on Wednesday, 9 January 2002 21:49:34 UTC