Another XML Schema problem

  another (I hope last :-)) problem:

Here is the message:
Error:  cos-all-limited.1.2: A group whose content is "all" must only 
appear as the content type of a complex type definition.  Saw group in

The problem is connected with the definition of
"descTitleMetadata", which contains "all" and is referenced
by "group" which is in "sequence" (for many elements).

The paragraph which should describe this restriction
is at:

It forbids the use of "all" in this case,
but I don't understand why and I am afraid I never will.

If someone can explain this, I'll be happy.
I have used Xerces 2.0.0 beta4 and MSXML4.0 and both
complain about the same.

Regards to all and my sympathies to poor SVG WG which has
to work with XML Schema.


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Received on Thursday, 17 January 2002 11:55:35 UTC