Simple text wrapping

the <region> part is well defined

on the other hand:
(I may write something stupid because my poor CSS styling knowledge)

- why a new 'tblock' element? the old 'text' could do the job
- or use the 'text' element instead of 'flow'

- why new <p> and <span> elements
  - only two elements, where 'span' should be inside 'p' offer two little manipulation for HTML like styling with CSS
  - the same could be done using nested 'tspan' elements

- there is the need for the <br/> element, I agree but than you can't say that positioning doesn't depend on tag names

There should be made something about XML styling, is it possible to use style classes defined by XSL?
I have a lot of problems with HTML because sometimes an attribute should be defined with CSS sometimes in XML
and inheritance is not defined or implemented well in current browsers.


Received on Friday, 11 January 2002 10:11:52 UTC