mouse event coords


I have a question about mouse event coordinates in xhtml/svg compound

The DOM-L-2-Events specs state that client{X,Y} are the coordinates "at
which the event occurred relative to the DOM implementation's client area".
The SVG specs, on the other hand, state that client{X,Y} should represent
"viewport coordinates for the corresponding 'svg' element."

I'm wondering how to square these two different requirements in a compound
document like

 <html:div id="A">
   <svg:svg id="B">
     <svg:circle id="C"/>

Obviously event listeners on "B" & "C" should get client-coords as defined
by the svg specs (i.e. relative to "A").
But what about a capturing event listener on "A"? Should it get mouse events
on "B"/"C" reported with 'normal' client coords or relative to "B" as well?

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.


Received on Wednesday, 9 January 2002 06:07:44 UTC