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Hello Tobi,

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> Hi.
> How can I/software find out which is the (definition for the) root
> element in any XML Schema?
> ...especially when reading the SVG 1.1 Schema?
I think you can't. It also is impossible to find out that in document type
definitions / their external subsets, except for reading comments where that
information might (or might not) be written down.

For checking the validity it is not interesting which element is considered
to be usually the root element, like <html/> in HTML or <svg/> in SVG. One
might write some document fragments intended to be merged later and check
them for validity. That's no problem, as long as the fragment itself
contains only one document element. (I've heard of a discussion about
validity checking of document fragments as such, but I didn't have the time
to follow it)



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