SVG Font Examples available on-line

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This is great news for SVG fonts.


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I am very happy to report that Ray Larabie, font designer, has kindly 
agreed to let us create SVG fonts from his True Type fonts

Ray's Fonts are made available under Ray's license agreement which can 
be viewed at:

The license terms are also embedded in the SVG Font files. You can learn 
more about Ray's work on his web site: 

The fonts can be found at: 

You will find a link to an example showing 10 SVG Fonts at work
and from there, you will find links to the individual font files
demonstrating the Fonts further and explaining how to use  
them from an SVG file. This can be done by copying or linking.

You can browse the demonstration with the Batik viewer by 
clicking on the second 'start' button at:

Best Regards,
Vincent Hardy,
On behalf of the Batik Team

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