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[SAC] W3C Note published.

border-collapse conflicts and other topics


CSS grammar/syntax

css identifier parsing bugs, escapes in classnames

CSS precedence

CSS2 & background : video possible?

Doctype detection

Font resizer

FOP xsl for TR xml's

Giving a class the same values as another class

Jumbotext - A New Feature to HTML

My point is a point is a point

px vs. pt

Question for CSS 2 developers! - azimuth property

RFC2854 makes RFC1866 obsolete (Was:Re: Doctype detection)

Size of <HR>

Styling DT and DD tags - Possible?

Thesis: CSS3 User Interface Module

transparent background color


UI WD - necessary extension


W3C/WAP workshop

Web Page corruption Due to Stylesheet

Web Page corruption Due to Stylesheet or Netscape? - WORKAROUND!

What is a letter?

what is a non-presentational hint?

Where can I find a list of CSS incompatabilities?

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