border-collapse conflicts and other topics

Re: Hidden Borders

  <BLOCKQUOTE cite=[CSS2:17.6.3]>
     Same as 'none', but in the collapsing border model, also
      inhibits any other border (see the section on border conflicts).

  Seeing as the width of a border affects the width/height of the
  cell (or the table), why are hidden borders treated as none (without
  a width)? If I decided to put a border on :hover, the contents would
  bounce around every time I moved the mouse, no?

  By the way, if a table row is over-constrained (all widths, paddings,
  and borders are specified, including the table width), what gives?
  There's no margin on the table cells.

Re: Slight Error?

  <BLOCKQUOTE cite=[CSS2:17.6.2]>
  3.If none of the styles is 'hidden' and at least one of them is not
    'none', then narrow borders are discarded in favor of wider ones.
    If several have the same 'border-width' than styles are preferred
    in this order: 'double', 'solid', 'dashed', 'dotted', 'ridge',
    'outset', 'groove', and the lowest: 'inset'.

  I would think that should read "If none of the styles are 'hidden'
  and at least two of them are not 'none'".

Re: Border Conflict Resolution

  <BLOCKQUOTE cite=[CSS2:17.6.2]>
  4.If border styles differ only in color, then a style set on a cell
    wins over one on a row, which wins over a row group, column, column
    group and, lastly, table.

  What happens if the border styles are both set on individual cells?

    TD.solid-blue  { border: 5px solid blue; }
    TD.solid-green { border: 5px solid green; }

         <TR id="row2">
             <TD> 4
             <TD class="solid-blue"> 5
             <TD class="solid-green"> 6

   - adapted from the sample table from below the quote
  (BTW, those class names in this section really ought to be changed.
   Naming a class with a '5px dashed blue' border "solid-blue" doesn't
   make much sense.)

Re: Border-Spacing

  <BLOCKQUOTE cite=[CSS2:17.6.1]>
     Value:      <length> <length>? | inherit
     Initial:    0
     Applies to: 'table' and 'inline-table' elements

  Is there any reason why 'border-spacing' cannot apply to row and
  column type displays (restricted to the appropriate dimension)?
  I think it would be useful to space column group divisions further
  apart or things like that.

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