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Should encoding of site structure be standardized? 脴ystein Ingmar Skarts忙terhagen (Friday, 28 February)

Re: problems with large (lots of rows) table within a DIV overfl ow s ection Joseph Lam (Friday, 28 February)

problems with large (lots of rows) table within a DIV overflow s ection Joseph Lam (Friday, 28 February)

Re: Dynamic Font Size Lunie (Friday, 1 March)

carriage return or line feed in URI attribute values? Jim Correia (Thursday, 27 February)

Font Style Elements Gonzalez, Scott I (GONZASI0) (Thursday, 27 February)

[XHTML2] ClassName data type Satoshi ISHIKAWA (Thursday, 27 February)

code kbd samp var - Should they be deprecated? Ernest Cline (Wednesday, 26 February)

Comments on 31 Jan 2003 WD of XHTML 2.0 Ian B. Jacobs (Wednesday, 26 February)

敬请有关负责同志认真考虑 ycgk (Saturday, 22 February)

Visual Markup (should HTML die?) Todd O'Bryan (Saturday, 22 February)

Re: XHTML doctype and namespace lookups overwhelm w3.org servers? Albert Oliver Serra (Friday, 21 February)

RE: Most compatible, non-stupid ways to style text Niklas Wahlberg (Friday, 21 February)

Re: Most compatible, non-stupid ways to style text Monica Moen (Friday, 21 February)

templates help RAVI THOUTAM (Monday, 17 February)

<section>, <body> and the H1 debate kelvSYC (Sunday, 16 February)

Preventing line-wrapping after hyphen? andrew kagan (Saturday, 15 February)

Against 'start' and 'value' attributes Etan Wexler (Sunday, 14 December)

Re: Form-based Multiple File Upload in HTML Rui del-Negro (Friday, 14 February)

XML + HTML = XHTML ? Mihai P. B. Stiucan (Thursday, 13 February)

Elements within lists - a little off topic Simon Jessey (Thursday, 13 February)

W3C Home page in XHTML Basic Vicente Luque Centeno (Wednesday, 12 February)

XHTML and web pages Mihai P. B. Stiucan (Wednesday, 12 February)

Business Broadband epromote@bbgm.co.uk (Wednesday, 12 February)

AGORA OU NUNCA !!! (no email) (Sunday, 9 February)

Fat Cat Media The Fat Cat (Friday, 7 February)

reminder: RDF Core specs in Last Call Dan Brickley (Friday, 7 February)

if this is a forum, markus innerebner (Thursday, 6 February)

Star Wars-focused business, website for sale Eric Miltsch (Wednesday, 5 February)

Business Broadband epromote@bbgm.co.uk (Wednesday, 5 February)

First draft HTML 4.01 Test Suite available Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 5 February)

Possible method for adding footnotes. Toby A Inkster (Tuesday, 4 February)

Re: [XHTML2] Suggestion: generalize CAPTION element Ineke van der Maat (Tuesday, 4 February)

[XHTML2] Suggestion: generalize CAPTION element Bert Bos (Tuesday, 4 February)

please take 1 minute Ken LeBrun (Monday, 3 February)

BUY Glass Vials, Test Tubes, Ampoules, Culture Tubes, etc eximcon (Monday, 3 February)

Re: Tag Proposal: DATE Jared Warren (Monday, 3 February)

[XHTML2] 4th WD comments Christoph P鋚er (Monday, 3 February)

Applet, Target, Object, Embed in XHTML 1.1 David Laroche (Sunday, 2 February)

name and id Simon Jessey (Sunday, 2 February)

XML Events Sigurd Lerstad (Sunday, 2 February)

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