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From: Mihai P. B. Stiucan <mpopescu@eta2u.ro>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 09:43:52 +0200
Message-ID: <3E4B4CB8.2030906@eta2u.ro>
To: www-html@w3.org


I was here a few days ago with a message about standards, especially the 
newest. A few guys gave me some advices which made me no such a confused 
man like I was. Thanks very much.

One more thing, as I wrote in subject line, how did XML came into the 
world of HTML? Maybe I seems a little stupid, maybe that's the fact. I 
started with HTML, I saw it is a markup language, with syntax and rules. 
  Ok with that, then it comes CSS. I got that, it is an external file 
which contains all formatters used in early HTML, that is to clean up 
html file from attributes. But now here it comes XML ( and XSL). I 
searched the WWW to find out what is that XML. I don't want to say about 
  the abbreviation (acronym). Most people don't cover in their tutorials 
the concepts, they provide some examples and easy introductions instead. 
Ok with them, but I think a solid knowledge needs to be based on solid 
concepts, not some examples. Examples are good, but only after concepts. 
Otherwise, it is like trying to fly but not to know how.
Bytheway, I 'm trying here to write in english, sorry for mistakes, I'm 
not a native speaker/writer.

I saw that XML is a "language" ( a modality) for data organizing. When I 
hear XML I think to file patterns with user defined tags. I tried to 
search for explanations, and all I got is "XML is for organizing data, 
which will need to be rendered in browser."

Now, on W3 page I see that XML is more powerfull and aimed to "replace" 
the old HTML. From my point of view, I saw XML like an add-on, not like 
a big brother of HTML. I think my opinion about XML is wrong.

Could you tell me please, a short introduction about XML and why is it 
so powerfull in these days.

Thanks for reading.
Mihai P. B. Stiucan
ETA Automatizari Industriale
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