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Forcing IE to Show Application/xhtml+xml pages Richard Norman (Monday, 30 December)

RE: Promotion of XHTML or something else Nigel Peck - MIS Web Design (Monday, 30 December)

the volatility, "Lel B. Peto" updating, as today saw 9.25cts.. energypricing@lelpeto.com (Thursday, 26 December)

<hr /> and WD-xhtml2-20021218 Alexander Savenkov (Wednesday, 25 December)

XHTML 2.0 - <line> or <l>? SCJessey@aol.com (Tuesday, 24 December)

Re: <meta> tags and their practical use Anthony (Monday, 23 December)

Internet Standards Questionnaire Paulsmith410@aol.com (Monday, 23 December)

FW: Chisako Hayakawa (Monday, 23 December)

[www-html] <none> Chisako Hayakawa (Monday, 23 December)

rising on the strength, Lel Bruce Peto updating of very firm cash prices., energypricing@lelpeto.com (Friday, 20 December)

HTML parser ( in c++ ) Sundararajan, Senthil (Friday, 20 December)

Ideas for improved semantics for xhtml 2 WD Devon Y. (Friday, 20 December)

comments on 2002-12-12 XHTML 2.0 WD Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 18 December)

Table element's width attribute in the basic table BIGELOW,JIM (HP-Boise,ex1) (Tuesday, 17 December)

XHTML 2.0 2002-11-12 Deviations Alexander Savenkov (Tuesday, 17 December)

Maximum number of fields for an HTML form? Rob Brueckmann (Tuesday, 17 December)

second cycle Chicago unleaded is seeing per Lel B Peto updating buyer's.. energypricing@lelpeto.com (Tuesday, 17 December)

[tobyink@goddamn.co.uk: Re: Using CSS for XML Events] Toby A Inkster (Monday, 16 December)

Using CSS for XML Events Shelby Moore (Monday, 16 December)

Finally you convinced me about HTML and XHTML. Christian Wolfgang Hujer (Sunday, 15 December)

How would recursive acronyms be marked up? Brant Langer Gurganus (Saturday, 14 December)

Display of AREA? Brad Pettit (Friday, 13 December)

Valid <link rel=""> attributes Wolfgang Köhler (Friday, 13 December)

OnLoad problem Vinoj (Friday, 13 December)

WD-xhtml2-20021211 comments John Lewis (Friday, 13 December)

New drafts: "Modularization of XHTML in XML Schema" Last Call WD, "XHTML 2.0" 2nd WD Masayasu Ishikawa (Thursday, 12 December)

Image Ready, XHTML and Mozilla rendering Laetitia Cassegrain (Thursday, 12 December)

Information info@ez-tourism.com (Thursday, 12 December)

Sugerencia sobre el HTML y los buscadores Mario Torres (Wednesday, 11 December)

xhtml vs. xlink li zhang cis student (Tuesday, 10 December)

xhtml browser li zhang cis student (Monday, 9 December)

Is this legal XHTML 1.1? Elliotte Rusty Harold (Sunday, 8 December)

Re: Validator New Look Jonathan Chetwynd (Thursday, 5 December)

HTML Comment Tags and Readers for the Blind J Medcraft (Wednesday, 4 December)

escaping escaping Wingnut (Tuesday, 3 December)

Link type order John Lewis (Sunday, 1 December)

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