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My point is a point is a point Walter Ian Kaye (Monday, 31 July)

HTML 4 - Table Backgrounds fantasai (Sunday, 30 July)

Comments on RFC2854 Jan Roland Eriksson (Friday, 28 July)

Ordered List & attribute deprecation fantasai (Thursday, 27 July)

Icons/Logos of the site in the url Patrice Calve (Thursday, 27 July)

French document Pierre Crescenzo (I3S-UNSA-CNRS-CNAM) (Thursday, 27 July)

location response header Hans-Peter Meiser (Thursday, 27 July)

question about DOCTYPE Pierre Crescenzo (I3S-UNSA-CNRS-CNAM) (Thursday, 27 July)

pt and px Gray Jonathan-AJG003C (Thursday, 27 July)

RE: Web Authoring: HTML Inline File Inclusion Into "skeleton" HTM L pages? Dave J Woolley (Wednesday, 26 July)

Doctype detection Matthew Brealey (Wednesday, 26 July)

<body onload="init()"> Gary Corcoran (Tuesday, 25 July)

Re: OnLoad Problem in Netscape Gary Corcoran (Tuesday, 25 July)

First publication: CC/PP working drafts Johan Hjelm (Tuesday, 25 July)

HELP!! Christian Stone (Monday, 24 July)

What is an XHTML document? L. David Baron (Monday, 24 July)

[www-html] <none> Francisco_Garcia@dmr.ca (Monday, 24 July)

linking a htm page within a htm page Chau Huynh (Friday, 21 July)

RE: centering tables with CSS Dave J Woolley (Friday, 21 July)

Re: centering tables with CSS Matthew Brealey (Friday, 21 July)

Re: Form-based Multiple File Upload in HTML Clover Andrew (Friday, 21 July)

changing ENCTYPE rick.myers@verizon.com (Wednesday, 19 July)

[Moderator Action] Form-based Multiple File Upload in HTML Cybbie (Wednesday, 19 July)

[www-html] <none> cklaubur@mail.coin.missouri.edu (Tuesday, 18 July)

[www-html] <none> cklaubur@mail.coin.missouri.edu (Tuesday, 18 July)

Nesting headers Alf Inge Myhre Tunheim (Tuesday, 18 July)

Change the value of an Hidden field !!!! Arnaud Castéran (Tuesday, 18 July)

Alignment Inheritance in HTML 4.01 Tables fantasai (Monday, 17 July)

"comment" Attribute In XHTML 1.1 Sean Palmer (Sunday, 16 July)

Re: Web Authoring: HTML Inline File Inclusion Into "skeleton" HTM L pages? Clover Andrew (Friday, 14 July)

Web Authoring: HTML Inline File Inclusion Into "skeleton" HTML pages? Ulf C Brandes (Thursday, 13 July)

Re: HTML Printing Sreedharan Rajesh (Thursday, 13 July)

RE: Choosing a Website Search Engine Kemp, Susan (Wednesday, 12 July)

retrieving parameter in url Chau Huynh (Wednesday, 12 July)

checkbox default??? Chau Huynh (Wednesday, 12 July)

anchors in XHTML Bernhard Döbler is Programmer@Bardware (Wednesday, 12 July)

Re: xml:space incorrectly declared in all 3 XHTML 1.0 DTDs Tom Epperly (Tuesday, 11 July)

Alt attribute for unimportant images Alf Inge Myhre Tunheim (Tuesday, 11 July)

Table for layout Lohengrin (Tuesday, 11 July)

Why not LINK within NOSCRIPT? Einar Westermann (Sunday, 9 July)

What is the charset of the form data? Aleksandar Susnjar (Saturday, 8 July)

AOL Browsers Richard T Taylor (Friday, 7 July)

W3C/WAP workshop on convergence Dave Raggett (Friday, 7 July)

Frames Clint Beers (Thursday, 6 July)

HTML parser Tech Lover (Wednesday, 5 July)

Message Boxes using HTML Tech Lover (Wednesday, 5 July)

XHTML and newline Pierre Crescenzo (I3S-CNRS-UNSA) (Wednesday, 5 July)

Non-ASCII characters in XHTML Alf Inge Myhre Tunheim (Tuesday, 4 July)

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