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Please remove my address from your list. I don't want to receive anymore. Vladimir Berezniker (Saturday, 28 June)

ISO 8601 and the horrible "T" Misha Wolf (Friday, 27 June)

Profile of ISO 8601 (draft) - RESEND Misha Wolf (Thursday, 26 June)

Fwd: W3C automatic reply Raymond Petry (Wednesday, 25 June)

Draft profile of ISO 8601 Misha Wolf (Friday, 20 June)

NOKIA Anton G. Saburov (Thursday, 20 June)

Eleventh International Unicode Conference Misha Wolf (Thursday, 19 June)

Re: Fwd: Date/time on the Internet Markus G. Kuhn (Thursday, 19 June)

[Announce] New archives for www-html jose.kahan@w3.org (Thursday, 19 June)

[HOWTO] Unsubscribing from this mailing list (www-html) jose.kahan@w3.org (Thursday, 19 June)

remove ARA (Thursday, 19 June)

Case sensitive attribute *names* in Cougar? Arnoud (Wednesday, 18 June)

Date/time on the Internet Misha Wolf (Wednesday, 18 June)

remove Rebecca Krawczyk (Wednesday, 18 June)

remove Andrea Negrini (Wednesday, 18 June)

remove JOHN STROHFUS (Wednesday, 18 June)

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Israeli HTML Standard Mati ALLOUCHE (Monday, 16 June)

Fwd: Re: Israeli HTML Standard David Rashty +972-2-6584848 (Sunday, 15 June)

MCF's new implementation (via XML) Walter Ian Kaye (Saturday, 14 June)

Subject line in Mailto forms Rory Freeman (Friday, 13 June)

Validator URLs? Walter Ian Kaye (Friday, 13 June)

Subject line in Mailto forms Scott Smith (Friday, 13 June)

remove navaid@khi.fascom.com (Wednesday, 12 June)

REMOVE Charles (Wednesday, 11 June)

Map Colors (was: Re: New <AREA> syntax proposal) jwp@checfs1.ucsd.edu (Wednesday, 11 June)

Link Tag fanxin (Wednesday, 11 June)

Announce: BrowserCaps redesign and relaunch David Ornstein (Tuesday, 10 June)

Israeli HTML Standard Jonathan Rosenne (Tuesday, 10 June)

New <AREA> syntax proposal (fwd) MegaZone (Tuesday, 10 June)

New <AREA> syntax proposal Dan Miser (Monday, 9 June)

LINK tag - why isn't it being implemented by UAs? Colin F Reynolds (Monday, 9 June)

PROVEN PLAN GanCot Enterprises (Saturday, 7 June)

Re: <TD WIDTH="25%"> not supported: Why not? (fwd) MegaZone (Wednesday, 4 June)

HTML planned for Rhapsody help system Walter Ian Kaye (Monday, 2 June)

Marking pages and marginalia (was Re: pages) Rob (Sunday, 1 June)

pages Erik Aronesty (Sunday, 1 June)

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